ALS series Valve Monitors
With reed type hermetically sealed proximity switches.

ALPHA QA series hermetically sealed switch provides the industrial leading selection of valve position proximity sensors in process
control system. The high quality reed switch (UL File Number E103299) are enclosed and encapsulated using epoxy in optimized
QA module which outperform all other position sensors in hot, cold, wet, abusive and corrosive conditions. The QA switch is
actuated with magnets sealed in the cams to protect and prevent falling down and subsequent system failure. The spring loaded
splined cam makes sure no vertical shaft motion to avoid loss of signals. Here are the features and benefits.

Maximum current permissible 3A (AC/DC);
Built-in PCB design eliminating all wiring from switch to terminal and avoiding short circuit;
Good anticorrosion and moisture-proof properties;
Easy setting the valve positions without tool.
Enclosure conforms to Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIC T6 GB.
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