AFL family is a manufacturer group established in 1993. The great efforts and continuous innovation for 25 years has enabled AFL family to be a leading manufacturer for valve monitoring & controlling with its high quality products of pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, valve monitor, AS-i Valve Monitoring and Controlling Network.

AFL family’s annual production quantity for pneumatic actuator is more than 200,000PCS, they’re exported all around the world, the lasting durable quality & high performance are praised by the customers.

The ALV series solenoid valves are designed and manufactured based on advanced air control technology & our special patent technology. We sell 30,000 PCS solenoid valves yearly, they’re applied in different industries around the world, such as petrochemical, shipping building, offshore platforms, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The ALS series valve monitor are designed to integrate valve and NAMUR rotary pneumatic actuator with a variety of mounting options, internal switches or sensors and/or feedback configurations. We follow the advanced and state-of-the-art engineering technology which have the valve monitor to be solid, beautiful and with high-level quality.

We design the AS-i Valve Monitoring and Controlling Network specially for basic level valve automatic systems, via one cable, the network offers the easy operation, low-cost monitoring & controlling solution for large quantity of On/Off control valve signals. It has been widely used in automation of industrial valve for the flexible topology and compatibility with many industry field bus.

AFL family has been granted with the international top quality qualification certificates for its monitoring & controlling devices and products by ATEX, IECEx, CSA and NEPSI, and we’re the one of the few who achieved the SIL III approval among the actuator manufacturers.

We always follow Customer First, Innovative, Professional Service & Punctual Delivery, to satisfy our customer in every detail.

AFL is the reliable manufacturers who provide the top-quality equipment, and also your expert for sophisticated flow control technology.

Our success is to win your demand and let you trust our profession. We tried to break new grounds and create innovative solutions for our customers, and we’ve become the market leader for the actuators & actuator accessories.