We supply an excellent range of Pnematic Rack and Pinion Actuators manufactured by Prisma, Alpha St Hans, Belimo and Rotok including epoxy / rilsan internally and externally coated aluminium, polymide and SS316 stainless steel body. Also available are actuators for high temperature applications, 250°C 2 hour test. Torque’s range from 6.5 to 21,430 NM. Aluminium Standard range is for 90° operation, but also available for 180°, 150° or 120° operation. We also supply a range of Diaphragm actuators manufactured by Alpha St Hans.

These actuators can also be supplied fully assembled / tested to a wide range of ball and butterfly valves, in all material and end connection types.

In addition, an extensive range of accessories including, Solenoid Valves, Mechanical, Proximity or Magnetic Limit Switches, Switch Boxes, Positioners, and Declutch Gear Boxes completes the package. Available in safe or hazardous area classifications, full range of products.

Let our technical sales office help / advise you with your application problems. We’re here to help.